THE LITTLE PEOPLE OF IRELAND is a fascinating new book on the different types of Irish fairy. Interspersed with descriptions of the habitat, habits, appearance, and level of threat to the general public, are a series of charming stories about the Little People, as they are more correctly called. The attractions of the book are considerable enhanced by Hammond Journeaux's illustrations. The book is suitable for both the adult and the children's market, and will be of great interest to tourists.


Aine Conner, an elderly countrywoman, has been interested in the Little People since she was a child. Some of her earliest memories are of an old, blind seanchai, who used to travel the neighbourhood, telling his stories in the cottages and farms in return for a meal and a few pence. She has lived in various parts of Ireland and always collected stories and tales of strange happenings wherever she happened to be. She has now collected some of them into one volume.


Hammond Journeaux was born in Wyndham, New Zealand and has lived in West Cork for several years with her sons Emmet and Bosco. Her work has been exhibited internationally and she represented Ireland during the 2005 Cork Year of Culture.

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ISBN:978 0 9545724 57
280 x 220mm 64pp
Paperback Original Irish Folklore/Children
May 2008