compiled by Andrew Russell

They haven’t gone away you know. Gerry Adams

I am here without hope of this world, calmly awaiting the end. I die a noble death for Ireland’s freedom. Eamonn Ceannt

Give us the future. We have had enough of the past. Give us back our country to live in – to grow in. Michael Collins

The Irish people will be free, when they own everything from the plough to the stars. James Connolly

The English may batter us to pieces, but they will never succeed in breaking our spirit. Maud Gonne

A terrible beauty is born. W B Yeats

I was proud to be a member of the IRA. Martin McGuinness

I have always hated war and am by nature a pacifist but it is the English who are forcing war on us, and the first principle of war is to kill the enemy. Countess Markiewicz

Gentlemen, you may soon have the alternative to live as slaves or die as free man. Daniel O’connell

I will always remember and commemorate our patriot dead – and each of our fallen comrades who gave their lives for Irish freedom. Michelle o’Neill

Ireland unfree shall never be at peace. Patrick Pearse

Our revenge will be the laughter of our children. Bobby Sands

After all I have done for a sacred cause, death is no sacrifice. Wolfe Tone


ISBN: 978 1 9999970 90
Reference/Gift Book
5 March 2020